Bespoke & IOT

We’re happy to work beyond the realms of Web and Mobile development – bespoke projects can come in all shapes and sizes, let’s get started!

Limitless Potential

State of the art technology opens the door to new opportunities, there has never been a better time to start exploring. Got an idea? Let’s get to work!


IoT – also known as the ‘internet of things’ is a collection of internet-connected devices used to transmit data between each other forming. This can be used in almost any industry from healthcare to home automation. 


No matter the size of your business, there is always going to be lots of data involved. Your infrastructure is imperative to making sure that your data is secure and connected to only who has access.


AR (Augmented Reality) is a new technology that allows the effective overlay of computer information onto reality. An example of this would be placing a model of furniture into a room to ensure that it would fit.


VR (Virtual Reality) is an emerging technology that allows users to be fully immersed in a 360-degree reality via the use of a headset. This can be used for games, virtual experiences, and even communication.

Why Choose Coastline?

In the Loop

We make sure to stay up to date on all of the latest technology – when you start a project with Coastline, we’ll make sure to build it using only the newest, best-proven technologies.

We’re a Friendly Bunch

Don’t worry, we don’t bite! We’re always here for a chat, even if it’s just for advice. We make sure to be as transparent and friendly as possible.


This isn’t our first rodeo, we’ve had plenty of experience on a huge array of technologies. We’ll organise meetings to talk you through our processes and give you our best advice.

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