Coastline Cloud

Cloud solutions are great for building up an online infrastructure for your online project or business. Instead of buying expensive equipment, you can save money and run your projects through our fast and secure system. Say goodbye to expensive hardware upgrades and annoying technical difficulties, whether it’s a big or small project, we’ve got your back.

Here are our services:

Domain Name Management

We’re able to register your favorite domain on your behalf, keeping it safe and secure in our hands. We can also transfer existing domains to keep everything organised.

Web Hosting

With a simple array of packages, we can help you get your project or business online in the fastest and most secure way possible.


Technology changes incredibly fast, don’t let your old database slow down your business. We’re able to migrate all of your data to a brand new secure database

DNS Management

Efficient DNS management is crucial for getting a fast and reliable service online, don’t let it slow your business down. We’re able to fully manage your DNS records keeping you connected and secure.

Multiple Platform Support

Already running a big framework like WordPress or Drupal? We can create new instances in a matter of seconds meaning you don’t have to pay for slow installations.

Email Hosting

Want some custom email addresses? We can setup your own email hosting – this gives you complete control over your communications.

Why Choose Coastline?

In the Loop

We make sure to stay up to date on all of the latest technology – when you start a project with Coastline, we’ll make sure to build it using only the newest, best-proven technologies.

We’re a Friendly Bunch

Don’t worry, we don’t bite! We’re always here for a chat, even if it’s just for advice. We make sure to be as transparent and friendly as possible.


This isn’t our first rodeo, we’ve had plenty of experience on a huge array of technologies. We’ll organise meetings to talk you through our processes and give you our best advice.

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