An Informative Brochure Website

Hyserve is a specialist hydraulic solutions provider who was looking for a brochure website showing what they do and what services they provide. We met up with Hyserve to discuss how they would like the website structured and in which way would they like the website to be designed.

One of the most important factors of this website was making sure that it was mobile responsive, meaning it would be accessible by people on the go.  We were able to achieve this very easily by optimising our initial designs to support desktop and mobile from the get go.

While making sure to stay in clear communication with the client, we built the system page-by-page, gathering feedback as we went along.

The design and development of this website was only half of the project, the other half was the search engine optimisation that we employed to ensure that this website would appear very prominently on search engines such as Google and Bing.

We enjoyed working on this project as it gave us even more of an opportunity to develop our design skills and give us even more experience with developing mobile-first.

Client: Hyserve
Category: Website
Date: July 2020

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