New World Designs: AR App

A Virtually Amazing App

New World Designs are Bullet Time Photography experts and asked us to create an Augmented Reality app to visualise the size of their complex and large camera rigs when they visit various locations and filming sets.

With our app, users would be able to see 3D models of camera rigs through their device in its actual size. This is key for setting up installations and ensuring that there is adequate space to install camera hardware.

We built this system using the Unity engine and focused on both iOS and Android devices. With good communication channels, we were able to frequently talk to the client and give them visual updates on how the app was progressing.

This was among one of our most interesting and full of projects with taking part in, and we look forward to working with New World Designs again in the future!

Client: NWD
Category: Mobile App
Date: February 2019